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Henry Roberts Marketing offers paid ads, social media management and SEO to online retailers in the UK, US & South Africa. 

We get it, you’ve tried other agencies, they’ve promised you the world and didn’t deliver. But don’t take our word for it. Our 5* review describes what we do perfectly. 

“Megan worked on my Google Ads to set up and create Google Ads that actually convert. I’ve worked with 2 freelancers previously in the last 18 month or so and they both over promise and under delivered. Already within 2 weeks I can see Megan’s ads are performing well, but more important to me, she has taken the time to explain the metrics and what to watch out for as I scale the ads over time”

How can we help you?

We love E-commerce, there is no better feeling than pulling off a campaign that brings traffic to your website and sales in your pocket. Everything we do is with a strategy. While an influencer campaign may seem like a good idea, is it actually going to generate sales? If not guess what we tell you! 

To achieve your business goals you need a marketing partner who is honest, loves communicating and has a clear strategy based on results, to help reach your target together. 

There are three ways we can do that 

Option 1

We work with you or your marketing manager to reach your business goals.

Option 1 is a monthly retainer and is hands off. We manage your ads, SEO or social media depending on your requirements, we then report back every month in order to check we’re on the right track. 

Option 2

High quality content is vital for an E-commerse business. 

Whether it’s imagery for the website, product shots or social media content. 

Our creative team will help you create content that pushes your business forward.

Option 3

Not ready for us to take over the reigns completely? A one off project is for you. 

Most clients come to us for ad set ups and strategies. But we also offer audits to help guide you in the right direction. 

We understand you might not need us forever and we want to help. 

Who is Henry & Robert?

Named after our founders granddads; Henry & Robert. Two hardworking, creative and loyal men who are the perfect reflection of everything our agency aims for.

Why Choose Us?

A business mentor put this perfectly to me once. Marketing is creativity and maths. When he mentioned those words, a lightbulb went off. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Your marketing partner should be someone who knows the board meeting is an important date in your diary. Someone who understands how to use your CRM data to best of it’s ability and how to use automated strategies to find and keep your perfect customer. 

Your marketing partner should bring you clear results month in month out and openly and honestly explain why things may not have been achieved. It happens, the world is a strange place.

When you work in partnership with us, you know your results are tracked. We communicate the whole way through and we most definitely do not charge you for any hidden extras, we celebrate victories, and work even harder during tough unprecedented times. 

Our commitment to getting the job done is why we have been able to remain in business for 5 years even through Covid. The churn and burn agency culture is not in our nature. 

Clients We've Worked With

Perhaps you're not ready to partner together yet. But would you like to join us at the dinner table?


“When I was a child the dinner table was the place where all the important conversations happened. Debriefing your day and everything in between. It was my favourite place to be growing up. 

I wanted to bring that feeling of connection to our business partners, which is why I created The monthly Dinner Table Chat newsletter. With a Dear Henry section & Roberts Roulette, it’s a modern place where the important marketing conversations happen.” 

Megan Founder Of Henry Roberts Marketing

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