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Amber Charm Jewellery is a UK based handmade jewellers. Specialising in natural Amber their pieces are available on Etsy & Ebay. Amber Charm Jewellery were keen to increase sales on their already successful Etsy store and as a result, we were tasked with increasing the number of visits to their shop via Instagram and Facebook, as well as building their brand identity on Social Media. 

Although Amber Charm had a clear customer demographic Henry Roberts Marketing initially assisted in establishing a clear tone of voice and customer persona’s. This was extremely beneficial when building the strategy as we had 4 clear content pillars. Amber Charm was keen to step away from the healing properties of Amber and wanted to focus on the fashion aspect. After profiling their ideal customer we built a strategy around 4 key customer persona’s including health conscious indiviuals and mums with teenage children. 

Once we established a clear strategy and tone of voice we set out implementing our Social Media Marketing strategy. Due to the age of the customer persona’s we initially began focusing on Facebook. We posted regularly twice a day and interacted within Facebook groups as the client. We did this for 2 months achieving a total reach of 37,816, 34 shop visits and a CTR to the Etsy store of 9%. 

Working closely with Amber Charm Jewellery they were keen to reach a younger, more fashion focused audience so we moved our efforts over to Instagram. Despite the social media platform change we continue to interact in Facebook groups and post daily.

Since moving our focus to Instagram followers have increased on average 35% each month and reach is an average of 3265 per month. Engagement rate is well above average at 7% and website clicks have consistently grown month on month by 166%. When analysing website analytics we can see that users coming from Facebook and Instagram are spending 2-3 minutes on the site and browsing up to 3 pages per session. 

Amber Charm Jewellery produces all of the imagery for the account, however, through regular bi-weekly meetings we are able to discuss potential campaigns as a team. 


Here is what the client has to say –


Before approaching Henry Roberts Marketing we thought we’re not missing a lot in social media, and boy we were wrong! Megan opened our eyes and helped us achieve so much in such a short time! Did we mention that she knows her stuff? We thought we knew plenty about Facebook and Instagram marketing but she is coming up with new things every week!

 Thanks to her, we realised in which areas, our business is massively missing out which helped us not only in social media but also in our e-commerce sites.

Megan is a very good listener, amazingly patient and understanding, even if our ideas don’t make sense! She can clearly explain changes in various KPIs and quickly take action with last-minute amends. 

 It has been an absolute pleasure working with Megan. We truly feel like our family has got bigger now.”

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