Envy Hair, Kings Lynn

Lockdown wins and how we improved engagement during a global crisis

Envy Hair is a local hair salon based in Norfolk, UK. Like many businesses in the beauty industry they were one of the last to close in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, however, they were also one of the last businesses to re-open. 

Employing mostly self employed stylists it was incredibly important to ensure their clients were engaged throughout the entirety of Lockdown. We aimed to ensure Envy’s clients were informed and knew the social platforms were a place they could ask questions ensuring the salon wasl at the forefront of everyone’s mind. 


The largest issue we had to overcome was lack of content. Pre-Lockdown we would use Facebook & Instagram to promote new work, before and after hairstyles and in salon photography. Without the stylists working we had little to no original content. We were very reliant on the trainee staff who had training heads at home and could still produce easy styles to try plus a back catalogue of salon photography. By consistently communicating with the stylists this was an issue we quickly overcame and continued to post almost daily throughout the entire 3 month period using original content, which many of Envy’s competitors did not achieve.


Our aim during the Lockdown period was to reassure clients and make sure they knew the Envy experts were there if they needed help or advice despite the doors being closed. We provided clients with ways to style their hair, stylist competitions, informational posts and towards the end of Lockdown we posted inspirational images ready for clients to bring to the salon when they reopened. 


As a result of our engagement strategy we achieved 40 pre-booking appointments to be added to the waiting list ahead of the re-opening. Engagement across the board increased from an average of 25 to over 50. As a result of being reactive we posted a mens haircut mentioning how difficult it was to achieve a look. This resulted in 27 profile views, 17% of those were not followers of Envy Hair. As well a variety of messages asking for tips and advice.


What did the client say?


“Being active on socials has never been more important than now. The past few weeks has really shown me the importance of being constantly active and keeping your business fresh in people’s minds”

“Without Megan taking control and keeping everything fresh my enthusiasm and commitment probably would have worn off” 

“Megan chased everyone and kept us all on our toes!! She’s definitely convinced me that having a strong presence on socials is part of today’s world, that constant interaction with your target audience is so important if you want to stay relevant in an ever changing market”


Although lockdown restrictions are being lifted we are continuing to engage with the Envy Hair clients and provide quality content. Coming out of the Lockdown period is equally as important as the previous three months. Want to find out how we can support you post lockdown please get in touch.



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