How To Take The Perfect Shot For Content

Photography can sometimes seem a little bit daunting. But without good imagery your business can quickly become unprofessional looking.

At Henry Roberts Marketing as part of our services we come to your business and take photographs. This is because we understand the importance of high quality imagery. 

We prefer candid and real life shots and they don’t have to be with expensive equipment. An iPhone is just fine. Sometimes when we take photographs for our clients we are at your business for 2 hours, sometimes we are there all day but we do not leave until we have enough assets to create professional campaigns for weeks going forward. 

But what do we think about when taking images? 

  1. A clean blank background. 

This is particularly important when creating timeless images. The photographs you take need  to be evergreen. If you have a Christmas background or something identifiable your imagery will quickly go out of date. 

      2.  A clear focus

What is it you are trying to achieve? We have hairdressing clients and the main focus of our photography there are the hairstylist. We want to create a warm and inviting environment so we focus on the person who creates that environment. 

     3. The right light. 

Some people use ring lights, we prefer natural lighting but the preference is up to you. We would recommend using portrait mode on your phone to create a crisper shot. 

     4. Take more than one snap

To account for blinking and potential blurry shots take more than one. This gives you options and the more options you have the better! 

     5. Be ready for the expected 

Some of our best shots are taken when people don’t realise we are there. A laugh from a child at a music gig or the concentration from a hairstylist these types of images are the type of shot that warms up potential clients. They want to know how you work so they can trust you enough to buy. Your photography should be warm and inviting while telling a story. 

If you have any questions or you’re struggling with your assets send us a message. Even the darkest of business venues we will be able to achieve a great shot. 


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