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For those looking to invest in online advertising you will probably have a lot of questions. How much should I invest? Should I advertise on Facebook or Google? What do good results look like? And with the upcoming iOS14 update you may be even more confused. I will be going into more detail about the iOS14 update next week so if you have any questions let me know and I can include them.

The iOS14 update is a good opportunity for you to think about your advertising strategy and question: have you been putting all your eggs in one basket? I am a paid search advertiser at heart. It’s where I have been for the last 6 years and Google Ads are always something I encourage my clients to think about. 


Facebook and Google advertising are always seen as competitors, however, there is one very large difference. One you are putting your brand in front of your potential customer and the other you are putting your brand in front of someone who is actively searching for your product or service. 


I like to think of it in a physical sense. Facebook ads are your highstreet window and Google Ads are the sales assistants standing at the door welcoming shoppers into the store. Both play their part in converting your leads but in very different ways. 


In my opinion these advertising platforms work best when they work together. Picture the scene you have been on Facebook and an ad appears in your news feed. You don’t have time to click the website and look into it further, however, you remember some key things about the brand. So later in the evening you Google using the key features you remember of the product and voila your ad appears on Google. Not everyone follows this search pattern, however, for those who do you may be missing out on their custom. 


Facebook can be cheaper than Google but when using paid ads you know someone is actively looking for that product so the time it takes for that customer to convert could be much shorter. 


Regardless of the platform and your strategy it’s important to remember it is an investment. 

The overall aim of any campaign is to achieve a positive ROAS (return on ad spend).


With this in mind I would say that the minimum investment you should make is £10 per day for 30 days. It’s always important to test your campaigns and this test period should be spread over 3 months. This gives you enough time to determine whether the campaign was a success. As with anything the longer you advertise and a larger budget will help you achieve better results. This is because both platforms use learnings to optimise your campaigns and help you improve your results. 


When thinking about the results you deem as positive you need to consider your overall aim. If you’re trying to increase brand awareness you can concentrate on KPI’s such as website visits, time on site and bounce rate. If you’re trying to increase the number of sales you would be tracking results such as ROAS and sales. 


Although I am a paid ads girl at heart I do think any paid advertising has a place in your marketing mix with the right budget and the right audience you can achieve some fantastic results. 


Tell me what you prefer. Google Ads or Facebook?


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