My Top Five Planning Tools

To give you a brief background if anyone told me I would be in a job where planning is ridiculously important I would have laughed. Rewind 10 years, the word routine and planning did not even enter my mind let alone my vocabulary.

Fortunately, I have discovered the planning bone in my body and don't tell 18 year old me but I actually really enjoy having a plan! There have been a few tools that have helped with my time management and keeping me on track. 

 Here are my favourite 5....

1. Trello;

Before becoming my own boss I worked in marketing agencies and Trello was used in a similar way as the naughty step. If a client or an account was out of control, the team was put on Trello to bring everyone back on track. Once I shook off this negativity it's actually a really helpful tool and something I use automatically as part of my onboarding process.

I store documents, attach social media copy for approval, or use it as a brain dump for ideas. It's the hub for my business and something I log into every day.

2. Harvest;

This is a 'power up' to Trello cards and I use this for time management. One of my biggest values in this business is honesty. I want you to know you time is being spent correctly and I use Harvest so I know how much time I've spent on each of my clients and my own work.

3. Creator Studio;

This is where I get my creative juices flowing. You can link Facebook and Instagram up and use it as a scheduling tool. My clients are all in one place and it's a really easy place to review previous content and plan future copy. 

4. Google Trends;

As a rule, I only spend an hour on Google Trends because the analytical side of my brain goes into overdrive and I end up falling into a very deep rabbit hole. But this site is perfect for looking at trends throughout the year based on what users are searching for and planning your business or content around those. For example, searches for Garden Furniture increased 75% in 2020 compared to 2019. Covid has been good for some companies. 

5. A notepad and a pen;

Yes, I specialise in Digital Marketing but I am a traditional girl through and through, and without a notepad and a pen, I would be lost. The number of pens that have run out of ink is impressive at the moment. Sometimes I colour code, sometimes I don't have that much time. 

I hope this helps with your time management and planning, coming from a self-confessed non-planner these are easy to get your head around.


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