Your Instagram Shop questions Answered

What is being able to make money while you sleep worth to you? For me it’s worth a lot and for some online retailers it’s an opportunity they are missing out on. Setting up an Instagram shop doesn’t have to be scary and we are here to answer a few of your questions.

Can I have an Instagram shop without a website?

Currently for UK Facebook & Instagram users this is not possible. Simply because you need a place for your customer to checkout, however, in-app checkout is coming and is currently being tested in the US.

Are Instagram shops safe?

Yes they are. At the moment as we mentioned there is no way to checkout via the Instagram app so every transaction will go through your website. IG shops simply act as another window into your shop so you have full control over the products you showcase.

How do Instagram shops work?

From a business perspective you will need a Commerce Manager, which you can create here. This is where you will set up your catalogue, which simply is a home for all your product. When updating your catalogue you can do this manually or automatically. But remember if you upload your catalogue manually you will have to update it manually. So if you have a sale you will need to go through and update prices through your commerce manager.

Where is my Instagram shop?

You can find your Instagram shop on your main profile. The tab sits underneath highlights alongside Reels, IGTV & your grid.

How long does it take to set up?

The most difficult bit is linking your website with your catalogue, however, when I say difficult I mean it takes 5 minutes longer and Facebook talks you through the entire process. But the entire process from beginning to end should not take longer than an hour or two depending on how large your catalogue is. And when you think 120 million users click an Instagram shopping you are missing out on a large number of clicks so for us that’s worth the investment in time. 

We hope this answers any questions you may have but if not as always you can come and find us on instagram or join the dinner table chat where you can gain access to an exclusive facebook group and enjoy more Instagram shop conversation. Complete The Dinner Chat form here to sign up.


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